No matter what life tosses my way, I know that without a doubt my greatest hope in life is to leave a legacy of love. I know that in today’s age we can all get really caught up in things that are not as meaningful; and in my business, my attitude of leaving a legacy of love is not left to the wayside. It is totally front and center.

The most profound moments in my life that have changed me and spurred me on to greatness have been the moments that were filled with vulnerability, honesty, bravery, and most of all love…so it is only fitting that when I take a  moment to share a little about who I am: I share a life attitude and lifestyle choice that has been at the center of who I am and what I do.

I am filled with a deep sense of joy and purpose when I can document others and embody the qualities that make them who they are as well as preserve what matters most to them. It truly is such an honor. I earnestly seek to lead with love and do my best to cultivate spaces of vulnerability and bravery for every person that entrusts me with their treasured moments and seasons of life… I desire to love people well through my work and in my life.

If that resonates with you and you have moments, seasons, people, or connections you want to preserve with photographs…I would love to serve you by working along side you to preserve all that matters to you with as much goodness and beauty as we can with timeless photographs.


I Enjoy:
My Husband

Me and my amor John have been two humans in love for 10+ years with 6 years of those 10 years spent freaking married. Just wild.

He was my first everything and sincerely my truest friend. He is a quiet, steadfast, vulnerable, sensitive, loyal, intelligent, complex and hilarious human.

Seriously, he is so deeply loved by so many other people than just myself. He has taught me so much in our time together and has been my biggest #1 fan.

He is the brightest and deepest of hughes in my colorful life and I love him so deeply.


As I have grown older I feel like my love has only deepened for the people in my family that have been through so much together. I love how much joy we can all share when we are together and the overall love we share.


The cry laughing, can't breathe laughing, silent gasping laughing...the lot of it! I love making other laugh and enjoy great conversation.

The Outdoors

Anything hiking, canoeing, camping, backpacking, name it haha being born and raise in Washington state has given me a deep craving to be outside whenever I can.

I also consider traveling as a passion for the outdoors, I have so many hopes for continued travel and I have 5 more continents to explore and get familiar with haha.

I am also currently training for my first triathlon in summer of 2021!


I love the idea that communication can be learned, and that through learning different languages you find that we have more in common that not! I also love to challenge myself by learning different languages. I hope to one day be completely fluent in 10 languages.

Currently Fluent in:
Spanish & English

Conversational/working towards fluency in:
ASL, Italian, and Japanese


BIG dreamer here.

I love to dream so big that it uplifts and propels others forward.

While doing is an important part of life I also believe that dreaming is a place where inspiration starts and that is a powerful place to start ya'll.


Playing, singing, fact, I studied music performance in college!


Quiz me, I can quote things like it was my actual full-time job haha! I also love to act/do impersonations. I am that person that will laugh harder the 100th time at a joke about Shrek the movie or Hot Rod. every. single. time.


Ask around... I know how to cook and love to host people. Maybe I can cook ya a meal sometime!

Raegan & Aaron- Cincinnati, Ohio

My husband and I have had the privilege of Genesis Geiger documenting some of our most significant and meaningful life moments. Included in these moments are our surprise engagement in her studio, our engagement photo shoot at Red River Gorge, and our wedding day in downtown Cincinnati.

In every experience with Genesis, she made us feel so comfortable giving us space to enjoy intimate moments as a couple and just enough direction to ensure the perfect photographs were captured. Her planning process and attention to detail made us feel so at ease on our wedding day. As a bride, your photographer will be with you the entire day and I felt so validated and protected by Genesis through every moment.

Genesis is efficient, joyful, and an absolute delight to work with. Our photos are absolutely breathtaking. We would highly recommend her for any occasion!

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