Hi, I’m Genesis.

Most who know me will probably tell you that I am a vibrant, bubbly, and exuberant human being. They would tell you that I don’t know a stranger (at least not for long) and that I can sometimes be a crier. I like to think that most who know me would also say that I am fiercely loyal, adventurous, brave, honest, thoughtful, and empathetic.

I think that the way others see us is a powerful way to connect, it doesn’t have to be something that places us in a box but more so gives us the opportunity to see ourselves through the eyes of others. That is one of the reasons why I love doing what I do, I give others the opportunity to see their emotions, connections, and loved ones through a perspective they might not always get.

When I am not spending time with my family and friends I enjoy being outdoors, playing video games, cooking (and eating haha), learning different languages, and a wide variety of good life things!

I document everything I can in the most non-forced, relaxed, and thoughtful way I can.

The way I document is tailored to how I thoughtfully view the world… I document what I see in front me as it unfolds and do my best to give direction only when needed (I am a camera shy person’s best friend, promise). The way you and your loved ones model love, express emotions, celebrate milestones, and connect with one another is just as tailored to how you see the world. It is something I believe is worthy of being documented and preserved in its most natural form.

I will never ask you or your loved ones to “rinse and repeat” moments that happen in the blink of an eye…I document those quick and unexpected moments and details knowing full well that they will give a lifetime of meaningfulness and goodness. When you look through photographs from our time spent together, my earnest desire is for you to remember and to feel.

I will work tirelessly to document photographs that make your heart feel…from the way your loved ones hold you in the quiet of your home, to the way your best friend cries while watching you commit your life to someone you love, to the way you hold your child as they fill up space with their laughter, to the state of your heart and mind during a season of life and moment of self expression…

I will do all that I can to document all of the moments you hold dear in life and the quiet, yet powerful emotions that overflow in response to those moments.

You will have more than just physical photographs at the end of our time together… you will have powerful connections and a genuine ability to go back and experience what those memories felt like time and time again.

My Approach
Documentary + Photo journalistic

I photograph any moment I see as it is naturally unfolding. That to me means I leave room to let moments happen in real time and don't sit there micromanaging your every move.

That doesn't mean I am not capable of directing and guiding tho! If you are camera shy and feel uncertain I will always give you direction, process with you and figure out what would make you feel most safe and will never you leave you to your own imagination if you feel like you're struggling. I'll make sure you look as natural as possible while having such a great time!


I will meet you where you are and gently encourage you into a space that reflects and feels the most you. Everyone's space can look different, so I hope you never feel that you somehow have to "perform" for me. I am here for YOU!

Know that I will do my best to lead you to this safe place, explore it with you in a respectful manner and document the heck out of every ounce you have to offer!


I view my surroundings with a creative and thoughtful scope, I try to think of ways to bring out the best light and best scenario for my clients. Sometimes that means thinking out of the box and pushing the boundaries.

With my editing process, as a creative, my sessions will not be exact replicas of one another.When we decide to work together we are agreeing to trust one another and that means that you trust me to take my artistic skills into every environment and use those skills to make decisions about what will work best for the photographs and what methods and editing will document the moments in front of me as accurately and honestly as possible. I enjoy the variety and power in our ability to create things unique to you!

I will always make sure you are comfortable and feeling inspired by the process as well. With trust and communication there is no telling what amazing imagery we can create together!


I will never force you to be someone you are not... my desire is to work along side you, gently guide you, and make space for moments that are most naturally your own.

My goal is to compliment what you already have as a person, a family, a partnership, or business and never change it, judge it, or force it. Ever.

Just document and create beautiful/meaningful imagery.

Raegan & Aaron- Cincinnati, Ohio

My husband and I have had the privilege of Genesis Geiger documenting some of our most significant and meaningful life moments. Included in these moments are our surprise engagement in her studio, our engagement photo shoot at Red River Gorge, and our wedding day in downtown Cincinnati.

In every experience with Genesis, she made us feel so comfortable giving us space to enjoy intimate moments as a couple and just enough direction to ensure the perfect photographs were captured. Her planning process and attention to detail made us feel so at ease on our wedding day. As a bride, your photographer will be with you the entire day and I felt so validated and protected by Genesis through every moment.

Genesis is efficient, joyful, and an absolute delight to work with. Our photos are absolutely breathtaking. We would highly recommend her for any occasion!

Liane and Scott

Genesis is incredible to work with and her photographs are stunning. She made great suggestions for shooting locations and worked with us to find a shooting style that captured our personalities.

The finished product turned out absolutely perfect - I couldn’t ask for better photographs. She was also great to work with after the wedding and went back through her camera roll when we asked her for certain shots.

Not only is she professional, but she’s just a wonderful person to be around. Our entire wedding party loved her. I would recommend Genesis to anyone.

Cincinnati, Ohio

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Kelli Weer

We were so happy with our decision to have Genesis be our wedding photographer. She is so down to earth! She was truly intentional about each photo and wanted to capture all the ins and outs of our day. It was so clear that she valued our love story and wanted to capture all of the authentic and raw moments throughout our wedding day. We would highly suggest choosing Genesis as your photographer. You will come out having gorgeous wedding pictures as well as a new friend!

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Brandon Weer

Genesis made our day so fun and we loved how she captured moments that displayed our love perfectly. Genesis did way more than we expected from her. She was such a helping hand during our wedding day and made sure everything ran smoothly for us. We would recommend Genesis over and over again!

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