I have a very relaxed and genuine approach to my work. You won’t find any awkward, forced or uncomfortable posing here. I love to photograph people in their most authentic state, and I truly feel that I capture the most beautiful photographs when people are just themselves. Loving and working with people the way I do gives my work a place set apart from others.

Weddings, to me, are about more than the bells and whistles we find ourselves caught up in …weddings, to me, are about the love and the emotions we experience on a wedding day. My joy is found in capturing all of the moments saturated in love and the quiet, yet powerful emotions that overflow in response to that love… what is shared between a couple and their loved ones on a special day like a wedding is so wonderful because those are the moments that fill our hearts and give us reason to feel and connect with those around us. It is my goal to preserve all of the love and emotions you experience on your wedding day and give you the gift of those moments in the form of photographs to be relished and felt for years to come. 

So if you’re a couple who is all about the love and all about the emotion…let’s be friends and create something beautiful and emotional. I would love nothing more than to document just how special your love is!



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